Services Offered by a Home Care Agency
Posted by homehealthagencies, 10/27/2017 9:40 am

Unlike home health agencies, which are primarily in the business of offering skilled nursing and medical care, home care agencies provide in-home help with daily tasks, companionship, and more. These services are offered by compassionate aides trained in respite care and client safety.

Family members on the fence about whether to hire a home care aide may be interested in finding out a little bit more about exactly what services are provided. They can read on to find out more.

Home Care Services

Home care aides offer comprehensive, non-medical home care services to their clients. These services include help with daily activities such as meal planning and preparation, mobility help, medication reminders, and help with personal hygiene, grooming, bathing, and dressing. The services can make a life-changing difference for elderly clients who are unable to take care of themselves and their households without a little bit of extra help.

Help Outside the Home

There are some daily tasks that simply can’t be performed in the home. Elderly clients who face mobility issues can benefit greatly from having a responsible caretaker who can help them with grocery shopping, offer safe and reliable transportation to appointments, and drive them to do their errands and see friends.

Providing Companionship

Countless scientific studies have proven that companionship and socialization make a huge difference in staving off the effects of dementia as well as improving quality of life. Unfortunately, many elderly people suffer from mobility issues that prevent them from seeking companionship and socialization outside of the home. A home care agency can send aides to the house to provide companionship in addition to offering transportation for elderly clients who wish to leave the house for social functions.

Respite For Caretakers

Family members caring for their aging loved ones are often placed under incredible amounts of stress. Hiring a home care aide to provide respite care for a few hours here and there can help those who are devoting their lives to helping aging relatives find the time to take care of themselves. Whether family caregivers need a few hours to get their own errands done or a day off to relax and enjoy themselves, hiring a professional caregiver to stay with their loved ones while they are gone offers the immense practical and emotional benefits of knowing their loved ones are being cared for in their absence.

Health Care

While home care aides are not able to provide home health care services, they often work in conjunction with skilled nurses to ensure all of their clients’ needs are met. Contracting services from both home health agencies and home care agencies allows family caretakers and concerned relatives to rest easy knowing their loved ones’ needs are being met.

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